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operating a “Living Lab” for infertile people.


Sep 24, 2022

Daegu University’s Infertility Research Institute (Director Koo Deok-bon) is conducting activities to overcome the problem of low birth rates in the region by operating a “Living Lab” for infertile people.

“Living Lab” means a space or community in which local residents, experts, etc. participate to find solutions to social problems in the living area through experiments.

Daegu University’s Infertility Research Institute is operating a Living Lab program with the support of the 2022 Community Union-type University Promotion Project in Daegu Metropolitan City, and is continuing its project this year in recognition of the project’s in 2021.

The institute held a lecture at the Knowledge Power Plant in the annex of Daegu City Hall on the 23rd under the theme of “Waiting for the Third Precious Gift, Knowing Infertility Right away.”

At the event, Park Ji-eun, head of Daegu Maria Hospital, Jeong Hak-jun, a representative infertility medical institution in Daegu, Kim Yoon-hee, a food professor at Daegu University, and Choi Kyung-jin, a professor of infertility counseling center, gave special lectures on the cause of infertility, how to cope, healthy infertility diet, and psychological counseling.

In addition, a variety of programs were held, including a health snack lotus pudding experience space applied with Hankyu juice, which is famous for infertility snacks, and counseling on infertility depression.

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