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“1st Tokyo Metabus Expo”


Nov 1, 2022

Tilon (CEO Choi Baek-joon), a company specializing in cloud virtualization and metaverse office, participated in the “1st Tokyo Metabus Expo” held in Tokyo, Japan from the 26th to the 28th to showcase its technology.

The Metabus Expo, which was held for the first time this year, was held together with the “2nd XR Fair Tokyo” to encourage application cases that fused XR technology (VR, AR, MR) into the metaverse space.

At the exhibition, Tilon introduced a new workspace that combines cloud reality space and metaverse virtual space based on internalized cloud virtualization technology and metaverse virtual world construction technology. In particular, it was evaluated by XR technology companies and SI companies that submitted and attended the exhibition that presented new application markets to the B2B and B2G markets.

Through this exhibition, multiple Japanese XR companies that signed business agreements with Tilon are differentiated by providing work manuals and auxiliary textbooks through the Tilon Metabus office “CenterVerse”, allowing them to carry out industrial field technology succession and human resources development in the XR space, and further using the video collaboration product “CenterFace”.

Tilon emphasized that its metaverse office solution allows all business applications and data in the real world to be used without any modifications in the metaverse virtual space, and introduced the cloud virtualization infrastructure on-premise method and the subscription service model DaaS method as efficient ways to introduce services.

The metaverse office solution and video collaboration solution introduced by Tilon is characterized by supporting a zero-trust network environment based on cloud virtualization technology of the ‘Dstation v9.0’ product certified by the National Intelligence Service 2.0 in the field of virtualization management products.

In particular, the video conferencing collaboration solution “Center Face” provides secure communication with security functions through VDI/DaaS network separation and messenger group encryption policies to realize the best work environment. It provides a flexible collaboration environment in VDI/DaaS environments anytime, anywhere, while creating an easy and fast work sharing and one-click video conferencing environment.

During the exhibition, Tillon’s metaverse office solution was evaluated to be used in all industries, including the private sector, administration, finance, defense, education, and diplomacy, by enabling safe and efficient work within the metaverse convergence space based on high security and scalability.

Choi Baek-joon, CEO of Tilon, said, “We will introduce differentiated technologies to overseas markets by upgrading Tilon’s core technologies such as cloud virtualization and metaverse solutions, and accelerate our leap into global companies by discovering new business opportunities.”

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