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Argos Dine participated STARTUP SUMMIT


Sep 24, 2022

Argos Dine (CEO Jeong Seung-ho) participated in the “Korea-U.S. STARTUP SUMMIT” held at Pier 17 in New York from September 20 (Tue) to 21 (Wednesday, local time).

Founded in 2018, Argos Dine is a company that develops and sells automatic operation platforms for unmanned mobile devices. It develops and manufactures autonomous flying drones, automatic charging stations, and control software to provide unmanned operation solutions based on them. 50% of the employees are made up of advanced research personnel, and research and development are being made to meet customer needs. It is developing 5G-based drones in collaboration with Naver Cloud, and its self-developed unmanned operating system plays various roles in various environments such as fire monitoring, road control, construction site management, bridge inspection, and industrial plant monitoring.

Argos Dine’s drone family includes 5G-based control drones and bridge inspection drones, while the auto-charging station family includes fixed station CUNA, mobile station PORTUS, and mobile station ROVER.

The drone has a small size of 500mm by 450mm, a light weight of 2kg when equipped with a battery, a long flight time of up to 60 minutes, and a high location accuracy with dual GPS. In addition, various gimbal cameras can be mounted, and customer customization is possible. In the case of a bridge inspection drone, GPS can fly under an unstable bridge or inside a tunnel and observe cracks in the outer wall.

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