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decentralized free messenger service “BlockChat”


Nov 11, 2022

Web 3.0 has begun to attract attention as a series of Kakao and Instagram failures have recently occurred. Meanwhile, Blockchain Labs, a developer of the COVID-19 vaccination confirmation application “COOV,” unveiled its decentralized free messenger service “BlockChat” on the 7th.

BlockChat is a free messenger using blockchain technology that allows you to communicate with your desired partner through a unique connection cor without entering personal information. In addition, unlike the existing messenger service that uses a central server that stores personal information and conversations, BlockChat can own data on a personal device and modify all messages including counterpart messages. Therefore, it is free from target advertisements, and there is a low risk of leakage of personal information and conversations, and communication failures and data loss due to fires.

Blockchain Labs co-CEO Park Jong-hoon said at a press conference on the 7th, “It is possible to prevent anonymous cybercrime using exposed IDs like the Nth Room incident.”


However, some are concerned about the possibility of exploiting Blockchat.

It can be used as a window to share illegal photos and videos, and if it is abused for crimes, it is difficult to track because data is not stored.

In a series of criticisms, Park, CEO of Blockchain Labs, said, “It is true that the contents of the user’s conversation are not stored on the central server, so it is virtually impossible to trace the crime, such as a police investigation.” Co-CEO Lim Byung-wan said, “We focused on greatly reducing the risk of personal information leakage,” adding, “We will develop functions such as devices for crime prevention.”

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