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irreplaceable token (NFT) marketing partnership


Sep 28, 2022

My virtual asset exchange Covit announced on the 28th that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for an irreplaceable token (NFT) marketing partnership with the head of the brand marketing consulting group WithCulture.

The two companies will also conduct various cultural content marketing conducted by With Culture through Covit’s NFT Marketplace. It will co-host NFT content planning and submission of entries. Covit is in charge of NFT sales.

The first content that Covit and With Culture collaborate on is the creative musical “Human Court,” which will premiere in Daehak-ro from that day. It is a science fiction court drama that tells the story of an Android robot that killed its owner in the 22nd century, standing in a human court.

In the musical, idol group members Lee Jae-hwan (VIXX) and Yoo Tae-yang (SF9), musical actors Ryu Chan-yeol and Choi Ha-ram appear as robots. Oh Jong-hyuk, a former member of the group Click-B, as well as Park Min-sung and Lim Byung-geun were cast as lawyers defending robots. The two companies will release NFT content using musical sound sources and other actors.

Oh Se-jin, CEO of Covit, said, “I am happy to be able to engage in NFT-based cultural marketing activities with With Culture with excellent cultural content marketing capabilities,” adding, “We will do our best to maximize synergy between the two companies by adding Covit’s blockchain technology to high-quality cultural contents.”

Meanwhile, Covit opened NFT Marketplace last year and published NFTs for dramas such as the drama Vincenzo, Mine and Hotel Del Luna in collaboration with local drama studio Studio Dragon. It will introduce an upgraded NFT 2.0 marketplace within this year.

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