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NEOPIN, a blockchain company


Sep 19, 2022

NEOPIN, a blockchain company, announced on the 19th that it has signed a strategic business agreement with ZEMITER, a blockchain P2E platform, to expand the De-FI service and token ecosystem.

With this business agreement, ZEMIT, a key currency of Zemeter, can be swapped with various blockchain tokens through the Neofin swap service. When supplying liquidity to the swap pool, NPT (neopin token) may be compensated according to the deposit ratio.

Zemeter explained that it is taking aggressive steps to create an ecosystem, such as the recent launch of NFT Market Place and the on-boarding of “Dragon Raja Origin On ZEMIT,” and is also stepping up the publishing of “Abyss On ZEMIT.”

Neopin has signed a strategic partnership with Blockchain P2E Platform Gemeter.
The blockchain open platform Neopin is characterized by strengthening “trust” and “stability” by applying strict security guidelines such as a KYC (Know-Your-Customer) certification system and AML (Money Laundering Prevention) policy. It is connecting and expanding its ecosystem to P2E (Play to Earn), S2E (Service to Earn), and NFT, focusing on various depi services such as staking, wild farming, and swapping. NeoFly, the parent company of Neofin, is a subsidiary of Neowiz Holdings. It has started operating nodes since 2018, and has solid technology know-how and experience in the blockchain business, including activities of the Clayton Governance Committee and operation of the virtual asset wallet service “Enblocks” since 2019.

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