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Cyber attacks using ransomware


Sep 20, 2022

Cyber attacks using ransomware are becoming intelligent and advanced, causing enormous social and economic damage around the world.

The number of reports of ransomware damage in Korea reached 225 by August this year, and the number of cases of ransomware infection in Korea continues to increase. In particular, 80% of domestic damage reporting companies are small and medium-sized companies that have difficulty in budget investment

64% of the reported companies do not have an online and offline data backup system, making it difficult to recover from damage such as data recovery after an accident.

The Ministry of Science and ICT and the Korea Internet & Security Agency held the “1st Ransomware Regency Conference” at Yangjae L Tower on the 20th to strengthen ransomware response and recovery capabilities through industry, academia, and research.

Ransomware Regency refers to the ability to prevent, detect, respond, recover, and analyze threats with the ability to recover quickly when ransomware damage occurs.

About 200 industry, academia, research, and government experts, including the National Intelligence Service, the National Security Technology Institute, the Financial Security Agency, and the Korea Information Protection Society, participated in the conference to share the latest trends in ransomware and seek ways to develop systematically respond.

Recently, there are three major trends in ransomware at home and abroad: △ Expansion of targets for attacks △ Advancement of threats △ Expansion of ransomware as a service, and it is becoming more advanced.

Starting with the opening session of the Ministry of Science and ICT on the government’s policy direction to minimize ransomware damage,

△Introduction of technology trends to defend against ransomware attacks △Announcement of the status of ransomware accident response △Introduction of ransomware recovery technology was held in a total of three sessions.

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