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sponsor of Asia’s largest premium web 3


Sep 19, 2022

WeMade will participate as the title sponsor of Asia’s largest premium web 3 conference “Token 2049” to promote the WeMix 3.0 ecosystem.

WeMade will set up the largest booth for sponsorship in the venue to introduce the WeMix 3.0 mainnet ecosystem such as Mega Eco System, WeMix Play, Nile, and WeMix Pie. In addition, it plans to focus on promoting the Wemade blockchain ecosystem by hosting the Wemade official network party and sponsoring the official closing party of TOKEN 2049.

On the 28th, when the conference opens, CEO Jang Hyun-guk’s keynote was prepared. CEO Jang will present the theme of ‘Digital Economy and Stable Coin: WeMix 3.0 and WeMix Dollar. On the same day, Seo Il-gu will give a lecture covering WeMix 3.0-oriented games, DAO, and DeFi.

We plan to widely promote WeMix 3.0 to blockchain gods around the world through Token 2049, said Jang Hyun-guk, CEO of WeMade. “In particular, we will introduce a stable growth ecosystem based on practical utility based on Stablecoin WeMix Dollars.”

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