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Upstage, an artificial intelligence (AI) startup


May 26, 2022

Upstage, an artificial intelligence (AI) startup, will participate in an AI recommendation cagle competition hosted by global SPA brand H&M, with two teams of its executives and employees participating

He announced on the 16th that he won silver medals at 19th and 41st place, respectively.

Cagle is a data expert community owned by Google and a large online AI competition platform with 9 million people from more than 200 countries.

In this competition, gold medals were ranked 1st to 15th, and silver medals were ranked 16th to 147th.

This competition is ‘Customized Fashion Recommendation‘ hosted by H&M, based on data from customers and products around the world and previous transaction data

The challenge was conducted with the aim of creating a model that recommends excellent AI products

Upstage teams use deep learning to select the candidate items to be recommended and have models enrolled through selected products

The company said it has achieved excellent results by improving the performance of machine learning algorithms.

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