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analyzes skin using big data


May 22, 2022

analyzes skin using big data

Nature’s lab is a company that analyzes skin using big data and AI technology and provides services linked to related industries.

It has more than 800,000 skin data, which is the largest in Korea.

Based on this, the company uses AI technology to analyze skin.

The company explained that it boasts more than 90% accuracy that the professional evaluation agency has recognized.

Nature’s lab is commercializing skin analysis services in a number of forms, including hardware such as kiosk (KIOSK), software such as SDK, and apps.

Based on the results of the skin scan of the user, customized cosmetics are recommended or services linked to dermatology are provided.

Nature’s lab is expanding beyond skin analysis to scalp diagnosis.

The technology of analyzing scalp condition is being upgraded through AI deep learning technology called ‘Rumini Scalp’.

Based on the diagnosis of five key items such as hair loss type, consumers can predict their hair loss trend

Depending on the results of the diagnosis, you can check personalized scalp care and history.

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