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the growth of the blockchain industry


Sep 3, 2022

Along with the growth of the blockchain industry, life-friendly blockchain platforms are increasing. The government is also introducing technologies using blockchain to public services. In the private sector, blockchain-based point platforms are increasing users through word of mouth. The utilization of blockchain platforms using points is expected to increase.

According to the virtual asset industry on the 3rd, as the blockchain industry is activated, life-friendly blockchain platforms are also increasing. The government also applied blockchain technology to the COOV app, an electronic vaccination certificate developed by the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, so that people can use vaccination information more safely. The Seoul Metropolitan Government is piloting a service that allows users to know the current ownership status in real time through their history when they record real estate ownership with a blockchain.

While the utilization of blockchain technology in real life is increasing, the number of life-friendly blockchain platforms using points that occur when purchasing products or services is increasing in the private sector.

◆ Milk Has More than 1 Million Subscribers Two Years After Its Launch

Blockchain-based point integration platform, MiL.k, surpassed 1 million cumulative subscribers two years after its service launch in April. Milk, which started its official service in April 2020, continues to expand partnerships with companies in various industries. Currently, companies representing the industry, such as Yanolja, Shinsegae Internet Duty Free, CU convenience stores, Interpark, and Megabox, have joined Milk’s point exchange ecosystem.
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Milk surpassed 400,000 cumulative subscribers in April last year, the first anniversary of its launch, and recorded 1.05 million cumulative subscribers in a year. Milk Partners, the operator of Milk, plans to make this year the first year to enter the global market and expand the milk ecosystem to the world. Accordingly, partnerships with major Southeast Asian companies are being discussed, and the results of the promotion will be disclosed within this year.

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