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The Government have a view to protecting users


May 16, 2022

The Kangwon Land Casino in Korea is the only place among the 14 casinos in Korea that allows its citizens to gamble

Local residents are only allowed in once a month. The general public is allowed to enter the general guest room on the 4th floor for 20 days and the members’ business office on the 5th floor for 15 days.

The Government have a view to protecting users

Customers are identified one by one by one by “registering their identity including their address and passing through a metal detector.”

Kangwon Land will also be the world’s only casino with a gambling addiction center inside under its own policy related to problematic gamblers.

Users are observed by Kangwon Land employees based on criteria for whether they have signs or properties of obsessive (problematic) gambling.

If it appears so, a casino official shall assign a green, yellow, or red card according to the user’s sign

Individuals are prohibited from entering the casino for a certain period of time.

If necessary, users will be asked to consult the gambling addiction prevention center

You can ask for a restraining order on your own, and your family can also ask for a restraining order

Casino gambling operates under very different rules from those applied in Europe and Korea

U.S. casino operators should express their concerns about problematic gamblers as suggested in the Swiss social concept.’

He stressed his duty to protect individuals by mentioning

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