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Sep 4, 2022

Com2O (Play to Own) game “Idle Luca” announced on the 3rd that it topped the global blockchain game ranking site “Play to Unnet” (playtoearn.net) a week after its launch.

Idle Luca is an unattended collection RPG game developed by Com2us subsidiary Nova Core and was released on Com2us Group’s blockchain game platform C2X on the 26th of last month.

The company said, “Expectations for ‘Children’s Luca’ were high even before its launch,” adding, “The ‘Game Fan Card’ was all sold in the 50 minutes of the beta game, which made us expect its popularity.”

Idle Luca is known to be attracting attention from blockchain game users around the world from the beginning of its launch by effectively combining a fast cross-scroll automatic battle system that utilizes the charm of the neglected genre and the fun of RPG that collects and fosters characters.

An official from Com2us said, “We will grow ‘Idle Luca’ into the best neglected blockchain game through continuous updates and the introduction of NFT in the future.”

Com2us plans to expand the global P2O market with various genres of games such as △Summoners War: Chronicle △ Working Dead: Identity △ God of Fishing: Crew △ Mini Game Heaven.

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