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Metaspace 2045 is a global metaverse project


Sep 4, 2022

Metaspace, MOU with Global Game Community BGA

Metaspace 2045 announced today (29th) that it has signed an MOU with BGA, a global blockchain promotion community.

Metaspace 2045 is a global metaverse project that advocates storytelling metaverse.

BGA is a discussion and verification community that supports the research, discussion, and sharing of standards and best practices in the development and testing of blockchain technology to ensure the success of the technology itself, and limitations of blockchain technology to enhance wider public understanding and awareness of blockchain games.

In particular, through the verification of blockchain games, good projects are found and greatly helpful to the success of the project.

Metaspace 2045, which is scheduled to open its platform in August, is a blockchain-based project that can use various contents anywhere in the world through a lunch pad on the metaverse platform, and is set to release as the first blockchain game in eight months since the project began in December 21.

In fact, the Metaspace 2045 platform, which leads the spread and distribution of various blockchain contents, is also planning to release services in various fields such as NFT, games, and finance through the platform by utilizing “transparent wealth distribution” and “exchange convenience.”

An official from Metaspace 2045 said, “We think the agreement with the blockchain promotion community BGA is meaningful, and please look forward to the growth and success of Metaspace 2045 platform as the blockchain market is currently in a slump but better issues are waiting.”

Meanwhile, Metaspace 2045 continues its activities to connect with various contents in Korea through StoreWift Korea, a Korean marketing agency.

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