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Sep 16, 2022

Carpen Street, the operator of the 3D design and source open platform “ACON 3D,” announced on the 16th that it has signed a business agreement with Story Forest, a webtoon production and 3D design model production and distribution company.

This agreement was promoted to expand the 3D design and content business. The goal is to create synergy and create new business opportunities by integrating the know-how and technology of both sides.

Founded in 2019, Carpen Street sells 7,000 design and source sets created by 600 sellers in Acorn 3D. Starting this year, it is expanding the scope of target users and applicable industries to video content, games, and metaverse.

Founded in 2013, Story Forest is “The Witch and the Dragon’s Newlywed Diary” and “Hwangbi?” Popular webtoons such as ‘Hwangbi nim!’ were introduced on Naver Webtoon and Kakao Page. Webtoon content is also distributed on more than 40 webtoon platforms overseas, including Line Webtoon, Tapitoon, and Quaikan. It also operates a 3D webtoon background platform called ‘Dondraw’.

Seo Hyun-gang, CEO of Story Forest, said, “This cooperation will allow users in various content markets to experience and utilize 3D models,” adding, “It will be an opportunity to confirm new business possibilities for both sides.”

Lee Min-hong, CEO of Carpen Street, said, “We have signed this partnership so that many users can experience high-quality 3D models,” adding, “The rich 3D model resources and experience in various markets will meet with the technology of Story Forest to create synergy.”

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