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open metaverse platform “ZEP”


Sep 16, 2022

The open metaverse platform “ZEP” (co-CEO Kim Won-bae and Kim Sang-yeop) announced on the 16th that the coding marathon “Sparton” hosted by Team Sparta (CEO Lee Bum-kyu) will be held at ZEP.

Sparton, which marks its third anniversary this year, is an overnight coding marathon that starts at 11 p.m. on the 17th and runs until 6 a.m. on the 18th. It is a program that allows you to level up as a developer by improving your coding ability by listening to coding lectures for seven hours, drawing good responses from participants in the last episode.

The 3rd Sparton will host all programs on the open metaverse platform ‘ZEP’. It is evaluated as an optimized platform for large-scale online events with the advantages of ZEP’s “large-scale capacity to access up to 50,000 people at the same time without installing apps” and “cross-platform that can cross mobile, tablet, and PC.”

The number of participants in Sparton is 700, and it was reported that 500 people were initially recruited, but the application was closed as soon as the recruitment began, providing an additional 200 people with opportunities to participate. 700 participants will get a fresh experience of participating in metaverse events as well as completing coding lectures through Sparton.

During the Sparton, learning management managers will respond to participants’ inquiries in real time using ZEP’s video/voice chat function and conduct “instant question and answer.” In addition, events using various mini-games provided by ZEP during the event are scheduled, which is expected to add fun to the coding marathon of participants.

Kim Sang-yeop, co-chairman of ZEP, said, “We provide Sparton coding clubs with event guides, while generously supporting and collaborating on various sets that can be used in ZEP,” adding, “We plan to introduce steady updates so that various events that were only possible offline can be held at Metabus ZEP.”

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