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Why Hybrid Lectures Are Important


Sep 7, 2022

The COVID-19 situation is completely changing the education market. Online education is becoming more and more common, and even if COVID-19 ends in the future, education that only conducts offline lectures is likely to disappear as before. As a result, the education industry is showing high interest in the learning environment that combines online and offline.

Why Hybrid Lectures Are Important

Hybrid education refers to education conducted by online and offline students in real time. Online education has the advantage of no restrictions on location and distance, but there is a limitation in that it is difficult for instructors and students to communicate closely. However, as in the past, there is still a safety problem for many students to teach in an enclosed space. In that sense, hybrid education is emerging as a means of securing both high-quality education and safety.

What are the advantages of hybrid education? First of all, from the perspective of educational management institutions, the number of students can be increased without expanding the physical space. Here, the advantages of online education, that is, you can take classes regardless of location and distance, and you can combine the fact that customized education is possible for each student. If there are instructors who cannot conduct offline lectures, they can also be invited online. Above all, even if two-way education is conducted online, there is a limit to understanding the atmosphere of students or obtaining immediate responses, and the shortcomings can be supplemented by communicating with students gathered at offline sites.

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