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NFT META Busan 2022


Aug 26, 2022

Verrestore announced on the 25th that it participated in the “NFT META Busan 2022 & MARVELS Awards” and announced its core value as a blockchain platform.

According to the data distributed by Verrestore, in the sixth session “New Experience in Digital Finance,” Verrestore explained that it made an announcement on Verrestore 3.0 under the theme of “blockchain-based global donation social platform.” Verrestore added that it has announced services such as Donation World, a newly introduced sponsored social media in 3.0, and Bounty Mall, a reward-type advertising solution.

In addition, Verrestore won the Culture Industry Platform category at the MARVELS Awards, which selects and awards companies and experts who contributed to the promotion and development of the blockchain industry.

The event was hosted by Korea CIOS Summit and organized by Dumables, and entrepreneurs, developers, and investors who lead the blockchain, artificial intelligence, NFT, and metaverse industries participated as speakers to share professional opinions on the industry.

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