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labor-management agreement ceremony


Aug 29, 2022

Gangwon casino Land and the Kangwon Land Workers’ Union held a labor-management agreement ceremony on the 29th at the headquarters building for casino workers. The main content of this agreement is to selectively adjust the monotonous casino shift system, which is fixed at 8 hours a day and 40 hours a week, to suit the working conditions.

Due to the nature of the 24-hour operating casino, the labor conditions of employees who suffered from excessive labor burdens are expected to improve due to tight three-shift work. In addition, the company will be able to flexibly inject manpower during the time when customers are concentrated, which will also increase the efficiency of manpower operation, such as improving productivity per person.

In order to introduce the flexible work system, the labor and management of Kangwon Land conducted a pilot operation of the flexible work system twice from May to August, and more than 96% of the participants were satisfied, so they decided to officially operate it from the 29th after labor-management agreement.

As a result of the survey, casinosite employees‘ satisfaction was high in securing self-development time due to the adjustment of holiday hours due to the flexible work system, satisfaction with family and childcare, thirst for cultural life, and reduced the burden of long-distance commuting.

While the new government is calling for improving efficiency of public institutions, Kangwon Land has tried to improve its management with various policies such as expanding the flexible work system and supporting sales during the peak administrative jobs since 2021, and succeeded in turning the deficit into a surplus in three quarters.

Lee Sam-gul, CEO of Kangwon Land, said, “For the first time in the domestic casino industry, we have introduced a flexible work system to strengthen work efficiency within the working hours limit.

We will make efforts to introduce and operate a flexible work system with the perspective of “work-life balance” as a priority.

“Reforming the workforce system for shift workers with high intensity of work is very sensitive, and the introduction of the flexible work system requires actual verification, so after a careful review of the results of the four-month trial, more positive aspects were confirmed and officially decided. We will continue to work harder to resolve the hardships of shift workers.”

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