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Gluwa partnered with Ethereum scaling solution Polygon


Sep 29, 2022

Blockchain fintech company Gluwa announced on the 29th that it has partnered with Ethereum scaling solution Polygon (MATIC).

It recently announced a series of partnerships following Trondao (DAO).

Glue plans to expand the credit coin ecosystem by supporting the Tron and polygon networks in the fourth quarter of this year, following the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks that are already linked to the blockchain credit record network Credit Coin.

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Polygon, which started with Ethereum scaling solution, has accumulated more than 2 billion transaction processing on the 6th. It is one of the blockchain platforms that are growing so fast that more than 37,000 Dapps are currently built on a polygon network.

Polygon recently signed a partnership to build Starbucks’ Web 3 project “Starbucks Odyssey.”

Gluewa expects to expand the OpenFi ecosystem that connects the real economy and the virtual asset ecosystem as it will be able to store loan records conducted using the polygon network on credit coins in the future.

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