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2022 Cyber Attack Defense Competition


Sep 5, 2022

The National Intelligence Service will hold the “2022 Cyber Attack Defense Competition” with the National Security Technology Institute, Daegu Metropolitan City, and Gyeongsangbuk-do Province.

The Cyber Attack Defense Competition is the largest competition in Korea that has been held every year since 2017 to strengthen cybersecurity response capabilities and foster professionals.

If you want to participate, you can form a team of four or less and apply on the competition website (cce.cstec.kr) by the 21st. The application categories are three categories: public teams (national and public institution employees), general teams (university students and office workers), and student teams (middle and high school students). In particular, this year, the “student sector” was newly established, in which middle and high school students participate to foster cybersecurity dreamers.

The competition, which will be held under the theme of Cyber Security in the Age of Digital Platform, will be divided into public, general, and student sectors on the 24th to conduct online preliminary rounds.

Online preliminaries are held in a problem-solving manner that solves tasks in various fields such as △ web hacking △ forensics △ ciphers. Through this, 20 public teams, 10 general teams, and 10 student teams will advance to the finals and compete with overseas invited teams (to participate in five countries).

The finals will be held offline at EXCO in Daegu on October 27. It has been three years since the finals were held offline, and the last two years have been held online due to COVID-19.

The team that advances to the finals is evaluated for its ability to respond to and recover from various cyber threat situations by accessing the cloud virtual training network prepared by the management team to defend against real-time cyber attacks. The evaluation is scored whenever each team finds vulnerabilities in cyberattacks and solves the problem, which is released in real time through the field screen.

The National Intelligence Service Award will be awarded to the overall winner and the winners of each category, while the runner-up and encouragement teams in each category will be awarded the National Security Technology Research Institute Award. The overall winner will receive 30 million won, the winner of each category will receive 5 million won to 10 million won, and the runner-up and incentive teams in each category will receive 1 million won to 4 million won in prize money.

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