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Web 3.0 Metabus Exhibition Held


Jul 30, 2022

Huynms announced on the 29th that it will hold an exhibition of “Mardi Mecrdi Muse Web 3.0” in collaboration with contemporary brand “Mardi Mecrdi” to enjoy the metaverse experience offline.

This exhibition will be held for a week from August 1 at the flagship store in Hannam-dong.

The exhibition, which was planned as part of the “Mardi Mekrdi WEB 3.0 Project,” a brand area expansion project through a digital platform, offers a glimpse of metaverse and various WEB 3.0 contents that cross online and offline based on Huinux’ technology.

The exhibition features Geppetto’s Mardi Mekrdi World experience as well as the actual items of Geppetto’s collection introduced in Geppetto, and consists of four large spaces.

The Geppetto collection will also be available through the 29cm and Musinsa stores from August 1st, and will provide a new and fun experience to meet the brand’s icon, Metatanji, through AR filters.

Huinums, a comprehensive marketing agency for Web3.0, has produced a metaverse world that contains the worldview of various companies’ brands (Mardi, Meta[Z]. The five game services provided by Huinoms, including the recently launched game Candy Rolling, have surpassed 400,000 cumulative users. In addition, it continues to foster digital creators who have a great influence in metaverse and expands the market.

Hwang Hyun-seung, CEO of Huinums, said, “We are happy to show what Huinoms’ Web 3.0 comprehensive marketing is through collaboration with Mardi Mecrdi,” adding, “We will introduce various types of projects starting with this project, so please continue to watch.”

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