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on-boarding contract with RetroCat


Aug 18, 2022

SkyPlay has signed an on-boarding contract with RetroCat and announced that it will on-board <Project D>, a game being developed by RetroCat, on-board its blockchain platform, SkyPlay.

CEO Lee Jong-beom, who has global game development and publishing experience across various genres such as “The Kiss of the Goddess,” “Ocean Tales” and “Galaxy Tornado on WEMIX,” will serve it on Sky Play within this year as an eP2E game that will debut as a retrocat.

SkyPlay, which listed SKP, a key currency on the platform on the global cryptocurrency exchange MEXC in May, will develop and publish various eP2E games based on Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain and polygon under the leadership of a Singaporean corporation, and introduce two more games this year.

Meanwhile, prior to the launch of SkyPlay’s platform beta at the end of this month, the global pre-booking of CoinGrid began on the 11th and is underway on SkyPlay.

Jang Sang-ok, CEO of Skyplay, said, “We are actively working with small and medium-sized developers to become self-sustaining platforms and game developers in the world.” “We are steadily internalizing and implementing our identity as a platform that provides fun and diverse content services along with games, so please look forward to it.”

Lee Jong-beom, CEO of RetroCat, said, “Based on the nature of the game, we are developing games that can create synergy with blockchain technology. I’m happy to be able to do the service of the first game with SkyPlay. Based on the development and service experience that we have been working on, we are preparing for users and holders to have more valuable experiences.

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