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Nexon will release new products using existing successful IPs


Aug 2, 2022

The domestic game industry, which turned to the blockchain business, is speeding up the launch of new games, its main business. Major game companies such as Netmarble, Com2us, and Nexon, which suffered poor performance in the first quarter of this year, have released a series of large new products, making the game industry energized. It is expected to achieve stable results in the second half of the year by releasing new works using existing intellectual property rights (IP).

According to the game industry on the 2nd, Netmarble officially released its new Seven Knights Revolution on the 28th of last month. The new work is an open-world multi-access online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by Netmarble Nexus and developed over four years.

Com2us and Nexon will release Summoners War: Chronicle and Hit 2 in a row in the middle of this month. Competition for new games by major game companies in the second half of the year is in full swing.

Netmarble, Com2us, and Nexon have something in common that they performed poorly in the first quarter of this year. This is because the number of game users continued to decrease as the release of new products was delayed despite the COVID-19 special. Netmarble’s operating profit shifted from 54.2 billion won in the first quarter of last year to 11.9 billion won in operating losses in the first quarter of this year.

Com2us also recorded an operating loss of 2.658 billion won in the first quarter of this year, turning into a deficit compared to its operating profit of 17.7 billion won in the first quarter of last year.

The blockchain business, which had been fostered as food for the future, is also sluggish. Netmarble expanded its related business after forming a blockchain ecosystem MBX through its subsidiary Mabrex,

but postponed the release of the P2E (Play Tour) game Golden Bros to the end of last month as the Terra and Luna crisis spread. Com2us Group, which built its blockchain platform “C2X” based on Terra Mainnet, also suffered from the establishment of its own mainnet in May when the entire blockchain ecosystem was confused.

Nexon also announced that it will create an NFT-centered Maple Story Universe using its flagship IP Maple Story, which is being swayed by unstable market conditions.

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