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Krafton’s mobile battle royal game


Aug 13, 2022

The CEO of an e-sports company in India is drawing attention by claiming that the service of Krafton’s mobile battle royal game “Battleground Mobile India (BGMI)” will resume.

According to an industry on the 13th, Shiva Nandy, CEO of Skye Sports, said on his Instagram, “If everything goes smoothly, BGMI will return soon.”

The Indian government suddenly decided to suspend BGMI’s services on the 28th (local time). As a result, BGMI disappeared from the two major app markets, including Apple’s App Store and Google Play. Since its release on July 2 last year, more than 100 million downloads have been made and it has been suddenly deleted from the app market of BGMI, which has become the most popular game in India.

Although the exact reason for the suspension of BGMI’s service has not yet been disclosed, it has been confirmed that the service has been suspended directly or indirectly communicated with the Chinese server in India.

CEO Shiva Nandy said the Indian government has prepared to suspend BGMI’s service for five months. He added that he notified Krafton a week before the app market was deleted.

CEO Shiva Nandy said, “The current measure has not completely stopped the service, but has been removed under a temporary order.” He also said that BGMI’s comeback is optimistic. “According to the source, TikTok is preparing for a comeback. TikTok will make a comeback, and BGMI will make a comeback 100%.

The industry predicted that as the Indian government is talking about the connection between BGMI and Chinese servers, it remains to be seen whether the service will be suspended, such as its previous work, PUBG Mobile.

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