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Korea AI Startup 100″ for the second consecutive year


Oct 24, 2022

Makinarax, an industry-specialized AI startup, announced on the 21st that it has been selected as the “Korea AI Startup 100” for the second consecutive year.

Makinarax selected ‘Korea AI Startup 100’ [Picture = Makinarax]
Korea AI Startup 100 has been selecting 100 companies every year since last year as a project to discover startups that will contribute to enhancing national competitiveness by creating an advanced AI innovation ecosystem. According to the evaluation model jointly developed by KAIST and KT Economic Management Research Institute, it comprehensively evaluates qualitative indicators such as ▲ market size and scalability ▲ corporate value and sales AI manpower expertise AI technology and products, sustainability, and social problem solving.

Makinarax has been selected for AI solutions and platforms for two consecutive years since last year. Based on his experience in developing and operating high-performance ML models in various manufacturing and industrial AI projects such as semiconductors, energy, and automobiles, he developed an enterprise MLOps platform runway. Runway, which supports the implementation of AI models in a wide range of infrastructure environments, including on-premise optimized for clouds and domains, is currently conducting closed beta tests with semiconductor equipment and automakers and will officially launch services for corporate customers within this year.

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