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image translation API of Afternoon Labs.


Oct 24, 2022

Hyphen Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Hyphen) announced on the 24th that it has exclusively entered the image translation API of Afternoon Labs.

Hyphen CI [Image = hyphen]
Afternoon Labs is a company that provides an ultra-simple image automatic translation service for overseas direct purchase sellers. It has a technology that corrects image distortion by translating foreign languages used in the image into Korean. It is also possible to make exceptions so that only words corresponding to the trademark are not translated. The service supports more than 100 languages. It is possible to translate Korean into foreign languages and foreign languages into Korean as well as to translate between foreign languages.

If afternoon labs’ ▲ image translation API ▲ OCR API ▲ character removal API ▲ editor API are introduced in the hyphen data market, users can call the API they need through the data market and use it in a prepaid pay-as-you-go method.

Service users can perform image scrap, translation, correction, and text editing in the cloud at once, dramatically reducing the time spent on producing detailed pages. Currently, more than 2,700 shopping malls are using this function.

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