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Dunamu provided 3 billion won for 5 years to help people 


Jul 29, 2022

Dunamu, a blockchain and fintech company, announced on the 29th that it will provide a total of 3 billion won over the next five years to help children who have completed protection adapt and become independent in society. It is part of the Dunamu ESG Youth Project and the first step in the “10,000 Job Creation Project” announced on July 12.

Children who have completed protection are teenagers who turn 18 years old under the Child Welfare Act and have to leave protective facilities such as child care facilities, foster homes, and youth shelters and are officially independent. When the designated age is reached, the protection measures are terminated regardless of one’s intention or self-reliance, so the majority of them are complaining of economic difficulties, such as failing to lay the foundation for housing and suffering from job insecurity.

Dunamu plans to come up with practical self-reliance support programs to help them settle down as members of the future society, along with “Brother Skipper,” a social company that is helping children with termination of protection. To this end, a total of 3 billion won worth of subsidies will be raised over the next five years, and a job-experience internship system will be established in cooperation with social ventures and social companies.

The job-experience internship system for children with termination of protection is operated for about 1,000 people for five years, twice a year.

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