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“Deep Learning Game Goes Test Soon”


Jun 16, 2022

“Deep Learning Game Goes Test Soon”

Crafton was confirmed on Wednesday to test the game “evil-plan” with deep learning technology.

The project “evil-plan” was developed by Tipto Games, a subsidiary specializing in crafts development.

Tipto Games is a corporation that conducts several experimental and challenging projects conducted by Crafton.

Tiptowe Games was established in July last year. CEO Lim Woo-yeol leads Tiptowe Games. Crafton owns a 100% stake in Tiptowe Games.

Tipto Games is located in the building where the pub studio in Seocho-gu is located.

Crafton is currently preparing for two game tests in limited quantities; for this, Crafton has been granted a test game license by the Game Management Committee.

Test game products are a kind of temporary license concept: game companies can receive from the Game Management Committee for the purpose of evaluating performance, stability, and user satisfaction in the development of new game products

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