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CrossAngle, “Preparing for Web 3.0 Launch”


Aug 2, 2022

CrossAngle, which operates the cryptocurrency data platform Zangle, announced on the 2nd that it has signed an alliance partner contract with global strategy consulting firm Bain & Company.

Vane’s Alliance Partner system collaborates around five key areas: △ Customized Data Support △ Digital Tools △ Best-of-Class Technology Solution Support △ Thanks Leadership △ Best Solution Based on Expertise, providing deeper and more delicate management to customers.

Bain has partnerships with about 40 institutions and companies, and more than 500 customers have received support from the system so far.

Regarding the partnership, partner Yoon Sung-won said, “We have decided to sign an alliance partnership after watching CrossAngle’s moves, excellent data, and analysis insights,” adding, “We will present the best synergy with Bain’s excellent qualitative and quantitative experience and data-based professional insights so that companies preparing for Web 3.0 can lead the upcoming web 3.0 market.”

“I am confident that CrossAngle, which has been conducting deep and steady research on Web 3.0 with Bain & Company, will be able to prepare for the Web 3.0 era more closely,” said Kim Joon-woo, CEO of CrossAngle. “We plan to continue to study and share the fundamental that companies should have in the Web 3.0 era.”

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