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CEO of Social Investing Lab


Oct 22, 2022

Han Dong-yeop, 28, CEO of Social Investing Lab, said in a recent interview with Money Today that securities firms that can sell stocks in conjunction with the stock SNS application “Coffee House” have increased to NH Securities, SK Securities, KB Securities, and Shinhan Investment Securities.

Social Investing Lab was established in January 2021 by CEO Han Dong-yeop, a serial entrepreneur from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). CEO Han has experience in co-founded Care Dream, which developed a care vest “Hungry” for people with developmental disabilities.

CEO Han said, “I became interested in projects that can give good influence while working as public service workers at welfare centers. I think Social Investing acts as a self-purification for the investment market by helping the MZ generation (born in the early 1980s and early 2000s), which is relatively difficult to obtain information in the rapidly growing private investor market.”

“Coffee House,” officially launched by Social Investing Lab in March, allows users to freely share their opinions with other investors while trading stocks after opening securities firm accounts within the app and sharing their portfolios. In December last year, it introduced the first service linked to Shinhan Financial Investment since the OBT (Open Demonstration Service) stage, and is rapidly increasing the number of linked securities firms.

The name Coffee House was coined by the London Stock Exchange, the world’s top three stock exchanges, in that it started as a coffee house. In 1696, when the Royal British Exchange made it difficult for stock brokers to enter, brokers gathered at the Jonathan Coffee House to buy and sell stocks.

CEO Han said, “The existing stock-related community does not continue or expand the network between users in the form of sharing real-time opinions on specific stocks,” adding, “Coffee houses have the strength of continuously producing influencer by forming a social network.”

Coffee House is increasing its membership by promoting account opening with securities firms. It held promotions with Shinhan Investment & Securities three times this year and succeeded in opening 7,000 new accounts. In particular, as the stock market continues to decline, securities firms’ use of the Mobile Trading System (MTS) has decreased significantly, while coffee houses are increasing their loyal customers.

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