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Casino Industry Expands Overseas


Jun 15, 2022

Casino Industry Expands Overseas

The recent strengthening of overseas marketing campaigns by local-based foreign-only casinos is expected to help the foreign-only casino industry recover profits.

An analyst at Shinhan Investment Corp. said in a report released Wednesday

“We believe that overseas marketing campaigns will help boost profits for foreign-only casinos in the future,” he said.

He added, “The Gangwon Land Casino, which is open to Koreans, has been on the rise in daily sales since side betting and the upper limit on visitors were lifted on May 16.”

Ji is Farada, a casino operator exclusively for foreignersAs part of efforts to attract existing customers and new visitors, Iswa Grand Korea Leisure Co., Ltd

We have been sending marketers overseas since late April and early May, he said.

It was possible because it was moving toward normalizing international flights and completely abolishing social distancing regulations related to COVID-19.

Even travelers who have not been vaccinated can now be exempted from any quarantine if they undergo two “negative” tests for COVID-19 within three days of arrival.

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