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blockchain game ecosystem


Jun 24, 2022

blockchain game ecosystem

With the recent plunge in virtual currency prices, game companies have advocated “P2E” (play to Earn) and “blockchain game ecosystem.”

The price of the coins issued also fell.

According to CoinMarketCap, a global cryptocurrency information site on the 23rd,

Wemade’s WeMix, which is serving the P2E game “Mir4 Global,” is being traded at 3,500 won as of noon that day.

WeMix was hit by the collapse of cryptocurrency Luna and stablecoin TerraUSD last month

It fell below 2,000 won in the middle of last month

A game company official who runs the blockchain platform said, “The price of game coins is

“We’ve been seeing a surge and a plunge since a year or two ago,” he said. “The incentive for users to search for P2E games may be reduced

The nature of the blockchain is not blurred, but it is not agitated,” he said.

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