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Blockchain, a new rising star in 2023


Jul 3, 2022

In the first half of this year, the enthusiasm of companies that are targeting the blockchain game market, which has emerged as a hot topic in the industry, has risen further.

Even if they do not release new works immediately, all large companies have expressed their willingness to do blockchain business, drawing attention.

In the blockchain game market, Wemade, which sparked the P2E game craze through “Mir 4,” is said to have shown enough momentum as a leader.

In addition to Com2us Group and Neowiz, which have been targeting the market since last year, Gravity and others have released their first new works, and companies have taken full-fledged steps.

The entry of large companies into the market has also drawn attention from the industry, with Netmarble releasing original blockchain games, including the blockchain version of its existing popular works.

However, market competition between Krafton and other large companies such as NCsoft and Nexon, including the launch of new products through its subsidiary Rising Wings, is scheduled to begin in earnest in the second half of the year. Kakao Games and Line Games also announced their entry into the blockchain game market

It is expected that it will take a little more time to release the new work.


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