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AI semiconductor startups


Jun 7, 2022

AI semiconductor startups

AI semiconductor startup Revelion announced that it succeeded in attracting 62 billion won worth of Series A investment.

Since its establishment in September 2020, Revelion has secured a cumulative R&D fund of nearly 100 billion won.

In addition, after attracting investment, the corporate value exceeded 350 billion won. And it’s a short period of time, and it’s growing fast

It has achieved the highest level among domestic AI semiconductor startups in terms of corporate value.

Revelion is sampling with domestic and foreign partners with finance chips released in November last year, and is about to tape out cloud server chips in the third quarter of this year.

Revelion is one of the fastest-growing AI semiconductor industry leaders in the semiconductor industry

The scalability of the core design and chip performance are attracting the attention of the industry

The product strategy that accurately aims at the market’s pain points shows the potential for growth as a global fabless company

source: https://projectfluent.io/

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